Truckdriver Nameplate Size M - 30x10cm

Your Name: Individually, elegant and highly decorative engraved in acrylic glass. Comes with a unique lightning effect thanks to our special engraving techniques.

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  • 12V cigarette Lighter
  • 24V cigarette Lighter
  • 10-230V EU Plug [+€5.00]
  • 5V USB
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Eisblau
  • None
  • 6-Effect-Controller [+€5.00]
  • outline engraving
  • full engraving [+€10.00]
  • None
  • Yes, 3 Meter [+€7.00]
  • 2 Meter [+€6.00]
  • 1 Meter [+€5.00]
€31.80 incl tax

small but impressive

Our truckdriver nameplate with the size of M, will be produced on your individually wishes. With this nameplate you will attract attention. We will engrave your Name or Text in high quality acrylic glass. Thanks to our special engraving technique the engraving will be decorativ lighted throught the LED light panel. This effect is really hard to descripe with words, in this case you should take a look to the example images to see the effect.


We produce your truckdriver nameplate only with high quality materials. Acrylic glass made in Germany. LEDs direct imported from well known manfuctures with a lifetime of more than 100.000 hours.

Facts & Details

Sign width: 300mm (30 cm)

Sign height: 100mm (10 cm)

Mounting: 2x suction cup

Lightning: LED LED

quantity: 15 pieces power supply 12V with cigarette Lighter / 24V with cigarette Lighter / 230V power supply EU-Plug

processing time: average 1 Business Day