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We welcome you at Gravurmeile.de – the Expert-Shop for engraving works on Truckdriver Nameplates, Nightlights and many more - with quality MADE IN GERMANY. You are able to view our full sortiment of engraved products. You can easly configure your own product, order it and we will ship it to you (in over 30 countrys).

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Truckdriver Nameplates / Truckerplates

This is one of our most popular and famous product. These Truckdriver nameplates where produced specially for truckdrivers who wants to show their name or skip out to the worlf in a very elegant way. All nameplates will be illuminated by hight bright LEDs. You are able to power them up under 12 Volt, 24 Volt or also at 230V EU-Plug. The delivery includes suction cup's to mount your nameplate at the windshield!

You will get our famous Truckerplates in diffrent variations:

At first the Classic-Version, which is transparent with your own engraving and a highly decorativ lightning effect.

As next there is the Modern - Variant, which have a black reflective back-wall. Thanks to this back-wall the engraving effect looks even more decorative.

And last but not least the Premium Plates - The Kingclass for truckdriver nameplates: Here you have an inviduel cut with fully engraved areas.

All Truckdriver Nameplates in all variants, are available in three diffrent sizes. More information you will find in the product description.

Unsere Motiv LED signs / LED lightsigns

The Motiv LED signs are highly decorative eyecatchers for your home. You can set it up with famous and popular engraved signs (or maybe your own sign / logo). You will find our motiv led signs here

Truck rear wall signs

Get a / the big-one! Our truck rear wall signs / plates, are designed to drive with you together in your own truck. They will be montet interior and will be fill a big part of your rear wall. They are perfect engraved and illuminated by a lot of high bright LEDs in your desired color! You will find our Truck rear wall signs here

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Since 2013 we working in professional market for engraving products. We love our products and our goal is, that you them too! Over 3000 Customers a year will buy products from us (only in Germany) and appreciate the idea and also our quality with the standart of MADE-IN-GERMANY !

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